Dancing With Disability

Listen (29 min.)

This program is dedicated
to the memory of Peggy Hecker,
long time Pushing Limits member,
who died earlier this year.Photograph of three dancers

The complex history of the word cripple

How to include

people with verbal, cognitive,

developmental, emotional

and other discounted disabilities

The story of a disabled woman

powering a diesel truck

through the Australian desert

Cover of the book "Cripple Poetics"

Excerpts from a steamy love story called Cripple Poetics.

Wha Hoo!

Performance artists and poets join us in the studio!

Image of Neil Marcus dancing

Neil Marcus

Book cover, "Myth's Bodies and Disability Culture"

Petra Kuppers

Amber DiPietraPhotograph of Amber DiPietra

Audio describer, Lakshmi Fjord

Produced by Adrienne Lauby


by Amber DiPietra

Set to music and sung by Mindy Dillard

A seashore inside her, she is drifting

in the shallows of a short nap’s trip

inland and when

Image of woman with guitar

you put your arm leg hand near

enough to mine all my

cheek cells will come wading, swinging

lanterns and singing, out to meet you


Somatics/Expression Disability Culture Workshops

with Neil Marcus and Petra Kuppers

Two Sundays, December 20 & 27, 2009, 3-5 pm

Subterranean Arthouse,

2179 Bancroft Way, Berkeley,


Suggested donation: $15.

no one turned away for lack of funds.

Next Performance
March 19th at 8pm.

Subterranean Arthouse,

2179 Bancroft Way, Berkeley,


Neil played a clip from the 1950 film

Cyrano de Bergerac

and joined José Ferrer in this statement:

No thank you, no, I thank you,

and again I thank you.

Neil & Jose: To sing, To laugh

To walk in my own way

free with an eye to see things as they are

Neil: A Poet!

A voice that means manhood.

To [put?] my head where I choose.

Not a word, a Yes,

Neil & Jose: a No

To fight

Neil and Jose: for right

But never to make a line

I have not heard in my own heart.

Original air date: December 4, 2009

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