Part Two “Blind Man’s Bluff” & Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome Community

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What do people with disabilities talk about when no able-bodied person is in the room?

Blind Man's Bluff sign

Starring Kris Yates & Mary Ann (Tidwell) Boussard

A scene from the original play, Blind Man’s Bluff: Our heroine Geri interviews for a job at the Independent Living Center.

Also starring Doyle Saylor, Leah Gardner, Jan Santos & Patty Nash.

From the memoir of the same name by Geri Taekens.

Photo courtesy Stephanie Sugars

“I wanted to be the innkeeper where people could come and sit by the fire and tell stories.”

Stephanie Sugars talks about a community of 200-350 people who live with Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome, a rare genetic disease. She facilitates the on-line group.

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Hosted by ACOR

Stephanie’s peutz-jeaghers syndrome Resource List

Original air date: 4-10-10

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