AB 2072 and the Battle for ASL

Listen 29 min.
Passion, strategy, big money opponents, race issues, counter narrative discourse, and children. The Deafhood Forum was nothing if not stimulating. Challenge your ear-to-mind connection.

–Butch Zein, Photo courtesy of Tanja Bierschneider Executive Director of the Deafhood Foundation,

–Jim Brune and Tanja Bierschneider of DCARA,

–Rory Ostrink, the 2nd person to have a cochlear implant in the U.S.,

–David Eberwein, Conrad Baer, Philip Smith, and many others.

Shelley Berman and Adrienne Lauby join a meeting organized to oppose the fiendish AB 2072 and learn the context of that fight. This law would send parents of newborn deaf and hard-of-hearing children down a path to partial fixes, medical intervention and adult isolation. The deaf community shines a light on the lesser-known road of ASL where adults communicate with fluency and affection.

More about AB 2072

Virginia State School for the Deaf, Hampton VA mid-19oos, The Black ASL Project

Air date: May 7, 2010

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