Morningstar Vancil

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Morningstar Vancil photo courtesy Fabled Asp

To celebrate 2010, The Year of Honoring Lesbians With Disabilities, Morningstar Vancil speaks candidly about her life as a lesbian stage-3 cancer survivor.

Vancil is a butch activist dyke of mixed race who lives with multiple disabilities. She’s traveled with a burlesque show and carried the banner of gay rights into the national American Cancer Society. Morningstar Vancil confronts discrimination and physical difficulties with joy and self respect.

Also, Marion Abdullah, co-chair of the Fabled Asp project, the organization responsible for the Year of Honoring Lesbians with Disabilities.

Hosted by Raphaella Bennin.

Fabled Asp

The 20th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabi lities Act

July 26th is the 20th Anniversary of the American’s with Disabilities Act and we’re celebrating!

Photo of vets, man in wheelchair in front

Don’t miss the

First Annual West Coast Disability Pride Parade and Festival next Saturday, July 24th in San Jose. The festival headlines Tristian Thunderbolt a Native American Deaf entertainer and the Disability Pride Quilt will be on display. To find out more: go to the Silicon Valley Independent Living Center at

For the anniversary itself, a week from Monday, Hayward will celebrate from 4-7 pm in the Hayward City Hall Plaza with Mary Lou Breslin speaking, and the City of San Francisco celebrates in the North Light Court of their own City Hall. In SF, there’s speeches by Judy Hueman, Tom Ammiano and others; another chance to see the Disability Pride Quilt and even make your own square. And a Superfest screening in the SF Library. For more information check out

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