What the heck is going on at KPFA?

Pushing Limits’ Members answer:

picture of Super Magawatt GroverEddie Ytuarte (3:34)
Adrienne Lauby (4:38)
Super Megawatt Grover* (3:39)
Mary Ratcliff, Editor of Bay View Newspaper (20-30 min interview by Kate Raphael on KPFA’s Women’s Magazine.

The world is in a terrible place and desperately needs the ideas, the energy, the enthusiasm, the positive spirit of the people who are on the bottom, who are fighting to rise to the top. That’s where the energy is, where the ideas are, that passion needs to be heard on KPFA every hour of every day. And, there are so many people who are dying to be heard on KPFA, dying, literally dying, to be heard and can’t get on the station as it is currently prioritized.
– Mary Ratcliff on KPFA’s Women’s Magazine, 11-22-10

*aka Shelley Berman

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