Aging with HIV or AIDS

Image of an AIDS ribbon

Last year, in 2011, a switch happened.  People living in San Francisco with HIV/AIDS had birthdays, and the majority of them were over 50. In the years to come, other cities will follow, and the country will have to consider how to best provide services to seniors living with HIV or AIDS.

Very little planning has been made to address the needs of this population who’s health, social, financial, and medical needs are different than those of the average senior.

Learn more about what makes this population unique, and what sort of issues people over 50 with HIV/AIDS are facing.

Pushing Limits will speak with researcher, advocate and long time survivor Steve Manley, and advocates and long time survivors F. Ross Woodall, and Loren Jones.

Referred to in the show is the report, “An Emerging Issue: HIV/AIDS & Aging” co-written by Steve Manley and Randy Allgaier.

Hosted and Produced by Raphaella Bennin.

Original air date: April 1, 2011.  Rebroadcast August 2, 2012

Useful Links for HIV/AIDS Resources:

(This is not a comprehensive list nor is the order in which they are listed significant. If you know of other resources, please comment on this post with the information.)

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