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Excerpts of personal narrative by Jacks McNamara from the documentary, “Crooked Beauty”; a poetic chronicle of her transformative journey from psych ward patient to pioneering mental health advocacy. The film supports McNamara’s voice with an evocative, original music score and stunning black and white cinematography by San Francisco-based filmmaker, Ken Paul Rosenthal.

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“Crooked Beauty will screen with 12 other films during the Superfest Disability Film Festival the weekend of June 17-19, 2011.

Jacks McNamara is a genderqueer artist, writer, activist, and co-founder of The Icarus Project, a mutual aid support network and media project by and for people struggling with dangerous gifts commonly labeled as “mental illnesses.”  A survivor of childhood trauma and substance abuse, Jacks was diagnosed bipolar in 1999, and thrown into a dehumanizing system of labels and pathology that did not provide a framework for becoming whole. Her healing path includes zen practice, alternatives to western medicine, gardening, and building community through grassroots activism.

Hosted by Adrienne Lauby and Shelley Berman, with appeals to your generous membership in KPFA.

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© 2010 Ken Paul Rosenthal. All Rights Reserved

Crooked Beauty

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