Renters, Warm Pools and Human Attraction

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First, Gloria Alee, a renter with disabilities, remains in her apartment two and a half years after the building was abandoned for foreclosure and she was told to leave. How did she do it?

She brings us the details, and talks about the rights of renters in a time of high foreclosure.

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Wheelchair love ©2011 ~CatrinaTheDemon from


Second, a disabled man discovers he is attracting friends and sexual interest.

An audio essay by Jacob Lesner Buxton.

(voiced by Doyle Saylor)




Third, like many seniors and people with disabilities, Judi Berzon is mourning the closure of Berkeley’s warm pool.

Submerged, I Stand Proud – underwater wheelchair image © Sue Austin

She joins us to talk about the community that grew up around the pool and answer the question, “What’s next?”


Adrienne Lauby and Eddie Ytuarte host.


“Submerged”  from Disability Arts On Line

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