The Wild World of Disability on the Internet

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Mike Ervin


Mike Ervin writes at Smart Ass Cripple or, (as the FCC requires)  “Smart Patootie Cripple.”

And Andrea Ray posts at Andrea\’s Buzzing About.  

It’s a show about which of us might have been aborted were we born today and beautiful insects that can destroy your garden.  It’s a show about people with disabilities who become greeters at Wal-Mart and living with (central) auditory processing disorder.

Andrea Ray



In other words, it’s a program as untamed and enlightening as the internet itself.  

With a commentary about the military rituals at the Oakland A’s baseball game by Shelley Berman.

Hosted by Adrienne Lauby & Shelley Berman.

Here’s some of the other internet sites we talk about during the show:
Wheelie Catholic
Not Just About Cancer
Aspie Bird

Want to do your own browsing?  A good place to start is the Gimp Parade.  It’s a great site put together by Kay Olson and has a long (if somewhat outdated) list of links to other disability blogs and websites.

Here’s how to order Mike’s book.

Mike’s photo is by

Original Air Date: 7-6-12
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