Cuts: Subsidized Housing and A Plan for Social Security

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Major cuts to the HUD housing voucher program are leaving people on the streets and threatening the homes of the very poor.   Today, we give you the dirty details of how Federal sequestration is playing out in central and northern California.


The Democrats said these cuts would cause enormous pain.  The Republicans said government programs could be cut even more.  As we begin to see the effects of these massive across-the-board cuts it seems that the Democrats were right.

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US Representative Maxine Waters [D-CA43] arguing against the sequestration cuts

US Representative Maxine Waters [Democrat-CA District 43] arguing against the sequestration cuts


We look at the effect of sequestration for those of us who have federal rent subsidies and those who desperately need this help – those sitting on the infamous Section 8 Housing Choice waiting list. 


President Obama released his budget proposal for 2014 last week.  He called for replacing the HUD money but his budget also calls for a new cut in a basic poverty program, a cut in Social Security.  


Vulnerable woman photo courtesy of HUD





Our guests are Chris Jensen, a advo
cate and community organizer with Resources for Independent Living (RIL) in Sacramento and Blane Beckwith, a local disability activist who blogs at

Adrienne Lauby hosts.  Co-produced by Sheela Gunn-Cushman.

Original air date: 4-19-13


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