What the Doctor Ordered

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Dr. BJ Miller, a triple amputee. Photo by Brant Ward/ The Chronicle

Doctor BJ Miller, a triple amputee.  Photo by Brant Ward/ The Chronicle

A call in program as we delve into the question of when we do or don’t trust the doctor and other authorities.

Doctors, in particular, often tell us to do this or don’t do that.  And, many of us have a long history of resisting, leaving hospitals “against medical advice” and paving our own roads. Sometimes we’re proud at how well we protected ourselves. And, sometimes, let’s face it, those roads lead to hell.

When do you decide to take the pills or do the routines?  When do you stop everything and let someone else be your guide?  Listeners tell stories to help us figure out this tricky area that is oh-so-common in our lives.

Shelley Berman and Sheela Gunn-Cushman host.

Original air date: September 6, 2013
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