Integrating New Disability

Do you know the creator of this image?  Please tell us.

(If you know the creator of this image.  Please tell us.)

Teddy Berman with chicken, gluten free jo jo (oreo) and banana taco.

Teddy Berman with chicken, gluten free jo jo (oreo) and banana taco — yum!

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Brook was doing well living with her multiple personality disorder.  It had been a long road, but she was comfortable and able to spend more hours at work then ever before. . . Then, she had a stroke.

For a
n extended version of Adrienne’s conversation with Brook, click here. (26 min)

Theodore “Teddy” Berman was in middle school when his life-long aversion to cookies and cake became excruciating stomachaches and his body stopped growing.   Luckily, he ran into someone living with celiac disease and discovered the cause of the pain.


We talk to Brook and Teddy about the advent of a new disability in their lives and tell you how both are doing today.

Produced and hosted by Adrienne Lauby.
Editing assistance from Sheela Gunn-Cushman.

Air Date: 1-17-14
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