Forced Drugging of Mentally Disabled People

Illustration for the article, "Psychiatric Drugs are the Agents of Trauma" by by Charles L. Whitfield, MD.

Illustration for the article, “Psychiatric Drugs are the Agents of Trauma” by by Charles L. Whitfield, MD.

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Two days before this program, Ivan Lopez killed four people and then himself at the Fort Hood army base in Texas.  The very next day, Pennsylvania Republican Representative Tim Murphy held a hearing on a bill which would take $60 million from community mental health treatment to pay for forced drugging programs.  H.R. 3717 would strip our rights and protections against abuse.  It would increase treatment that is traumatizing, criminalizing and scares people from seeking help.

What is going on here?

Man with anti-forced treatment sign


What is the best treatment model for mental disabilities?  Why is the stigma of mental illness so great that the general public is swayed by false research and fear mongering?  What is the reality of the psychological drugs trade offs for people with mental disabilities?   When will we listen to people who live with mental disability who tell us that self-reliance and empowerment are at least as important as a drug?


Michael Gause

Michael Gause

We talk to Michael Gause, Deputy Director of the Mental Health Association of San Francisco, and a man who has taken over forty pysch drugs in his forty plus years.

Adrienne Lauby hosts.

Original air date: April 4, 2014
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