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Avotcja with Modupue.

Avotcja with Modupue.

Guests include Jean Stewart, Lateef Mcleod, Beatriz Herrera, Leah Gardner, Leroy F. Moore Jr, and Avotcja.   See their photos below, illustrating Lateef’s poem.  This is a fund drive program.  Don’t miss the depth and passion of our community spoken word artists!


This poem is part of A Declaration of a Body of Love, a collection written by Lateef McLeod, available on Amazon



Absence of routine

Slender grey lines
on jacket sleeves
that musty smell on my clothes
drool is all over me
and you think it is disgustingLeah Gardner and Vander

“Just swallow”
you say to me
and I really do try
catch and force down
pools of drool
from coming out of my mouth
cuz I be wearing tight fits
like Rocawear jeans, bick Ecko
shirts, Gap hoodies
or fresh to def in tailor-made
and drool does not go
with tailor-made suits
you know I try to look suave
so at a party I can get my
grown man on

LeRoy F. Moore Jr.

LeRoy F. Moore Jr.

So there shouldn’t be a problem
with me swallowing, right?
Well I have to remember to
every minute
every hour
every day
that means when I roll down
the street
whenever I talk to someone
when I exercise
when I go to school
cuz I don’t want anyone to see

me drool

Beatriz Herrera

Beatriz Herrera (L) and Asthmatic Friend

you always say
it makes me look gross
and it is not my intention
to disgust you
so I try to swallow
like a mad man




try and
consciously do something
that everyone else

Barbara Ruth

Barbara Ruth – Coming soon to Pushing Limits

does unconsciously
and you still

can’t understand
can’t I
to swallow all

Jean Stewart.  Photo by Scott Braley

Jean Stewart. Photo by Scott Braley

the time
it is like

to toss you a tennis ball
telling you
to throw it
in the air and catch it

every 15 seconds
and yell at you
when you drop the ball

—Lateef McLeod


Lateef McLeod

Lateef McLeod


Hosted and produced by Shelley Berman, Adrienne Lauby, Sheela Gunn-Cushman and Josh Elwood.

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