Physician-Assisted Suicide Debate

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Physician-assisted suicide is in the California news again.  In a flurry of media coverage, Brittany Maynard traveled to Oregon to die.  A  doctor-prescribed suicide bill was introduced in California at the end of January. 


Now, a new court case is arguing that terminal patients have a right under the California State Constitution to a doctor-prescribed drug to kill themselves.


Marilyn Golden.  Photo by Sacamento Bee

Marilyn Golden. Photo by Sacramento Bee

It’s a good time for a debate.


Marilyn Golden, Senior Policy Analyst at the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, argues against allowing any authority figure to participate in the death of disabled or other individuals. Golden fought for the Americans with Disabilities Act and is an expert in its application.


She has represented the disability community in many debates and dialogues opposing the legalization of assisted suicide and euthanasia, authored articles explaining the issue, and worked to defeat assisted suicide legislation in Hawaii, Vermont, and California. None of these bills have passed.


George Eighmey

George Eighmey

George Eighmey, J.D., Vice President of the Death with Dignity National Center, maintains that it is a human right to have control of our own death, with assistance from those who normally help us in the medical world.  

He supported Oregon’s right-to-die law as a state legislator in 1997 and again as executive director of Compassion in Dying of Oregon (which later became Compassion & Choices of Oregon.)


Listen in as these two national leaders, and host Eddie Ytuarte, consider an issue that is truly one of life and death.

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