Will Rent Control Come To Your City?

Listen 29 min

NYC rent Freeze programAs renters across Central and Northern California continue to receive rent increases of $200-500. a month, low-income people who often have disabilities are the hardest hit.   Raising the rent, as they skirt or ignore laws meant to protect tenants, is the corporate landlord way.

But, some tenants are getting organized.

In California, the cities of Richmond and Santa Rosa, pressured by grassroots organizations, recently put rent control on their agenda for the first time in decades.  Other cities are considering renter protection ordinances.

SOS HousingDoyle Saylor from the Alameda Renters Coalition,  James Vann of the Oakland Tenants Union & Robin Earth from the Center for Independent Living in Berkeley join Eddie Ytuarte to talk about the suffering, discuss solutions, and take a look inside the movements that may resuscitate local rent control ordinances.

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