Disability Activists at the U.S. Social Forum

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Graphic from U.S. Social Forum Logo

Graphic from U.S. Social Forum Logo

Last week, the U.S. Social Forum took place simultaneously in San Jose, California; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Jackson, Mississippi; and Tijuana, Mexico. 

We bring you a mock tour through the San Jose event, where over 500 activists converged to attend more than 150 progressive workshops, sing songs with Occupella , and make connections to “Grow the Future.”

As we go, we’ll talk to a few of the disability activists who attended, including Mark Romoser, Sam Rubin, Terri Carter, Edith Halberg and Ellen Rollins.

Sam Rubin

Sam Rubin

Sam Rubin is a member of the Freedom Socialist Party who organizes at S.F. State with a student group called Rebel Voices.

Terri Carter lives with a spinal cord injury and left arm amputation.  She is working toward a degree in architectural drawing.

Edith Halberg works with the Peace and Freedom Party and the Gray Panthers.  She also sings with the The Labor Heritage/Rockin’ Solidarity Chorus.

Mark Romoser, Community Advocate, SVILC

Mark Romoser, Community Advocate, SVILC

Mark Romoser is the Community Advocate at the Silicon Valley Independent Living Center in San Jose.

Ellen Rollins represents SEIU National People with Disabilities Caucus, Local 521, and Regional Local 1021.  She is also the National CEO for the National Association for Juneteenth Lineage and an IHSS homecare worker.

The US Social Forum:  Enlightening, overwhelming, empowering, chaotic, frustrating, educational and. . . just the kind of fun we live for.

Produced & hosted by Adrienne Lauby.  Audio editing by Sheela Gunn Cushman.

 Air Date: 7-3-15
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