Sprint Kayaking – Dorian Taylor

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Paralympic hopeful, Dorian Taylor has heard a cacophony of NO in life but Dorian Taylor is a force of YES.

Dorian Taylor

Dorian Taylor

Dorian speaks with humor and finesse about competitive kayaking and life on the spectrum — both gender and autism.

Dorian Taylor was injured in a brutal police tasing, raised in and out of psychiatric institutions, and been unable to access either social services or diagnostic health providers.
Dorian lives with lupus, PTSD, partial paralysis, and a thoracic syrinx that goes from the T3 to the T11 of the spinal cord.

Dorian spends many long hours with her Facebook friends and the water of beautiful Lake Washington in Seattle.

On Shore


A unique life.  A unique goal.  An athlete to cheer for.  Dorian Taylor heads for the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro.

You can reach Dorian on Facebook here.

Dorian is interviewed by Shelley Berman.

Wheelchair only






Original Air Date 2015-08-15 (program aired twice due to technical glitch)

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