Follow-Up Letter to Unresponsive Project Manager

I’ve written you before, but some things have changed on my end, and I wanted to check in with you re yours.

Is the Wait List for 1-beds open? Does this complex accept Sect. 8 vouchers? What are its requirements? Are there units with no-stairs options?  (Elevators are ok.) What is the current 1-bedrom rent? How close is it to buses/BART? And the $64K question: May I have an emailed application?

My Quals are:
* $ (insert income amount here) per month, SSI/DI inclusive. Sect. 8 voucher.
* (list disabilities which will require reasonable accommodations here)
* NOT a senior, NOT HOPWA (a program for people with AIDS), NOT in (addiction) recovery, NOT a vet.
* Good credit score, NO debts, NO criminal or eviction history/unlawful detainers.

(insert name here)

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