Sample Letter: Basic Request for Information



I would like an application packet emailed to me if I meet your eligibility requirements.  I am totally blind, so please respond by phone or e-mail.
1. I have disabilities, but am not a senior. I do NOT have a Section 8 voucher.
2. My income is $(insert monthly here) per month, $(insert yearly here) per year. I would be the only person in the unit and am looking for a studio or 1-bedroom unit.

Is your wait list open now? If not, do you have any idea when it will be? Is this property a tax credit, a project-based Sect 8 or both? If tax credit, what is the minimum income for a 1-person household? If project-based Sect 8, must I be on an authority list or may I just apply? Am I eligible for any other properties you manage?

(insert name)
(insert phone #)
(insert email)

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