Sample Letter: Questions about Property (Section 8 voucher)



I an interested in this property and would like to know a few things about it.

1. Do you have current 1-bed vacancies?  If not, do you have a waiting list? How long?

2. Do you accept Section 8 vouchers?

3. What is the rent for a 1-bed unit?

4. Do you have ground-floor units and/or elevator access?

5. How close is this property to transportation? Bus? BART? Which and how close?

6. May I have an application emailed to me?

Things you might want/need to know:

*1. My income is SSDI $–/month and SSI $–/month for a grand total of $–/month.

*2. My credit score is (insert here) according to Equafax and Transunion. I don’t have my score for Experian, but see no negative things on that report.

*3. I have a Sect. 8 voucher, hence the question above. If you have not had tenants with Sect. 8 before, but would consider it now, I can provide general info, and can give you a contact number/web site to get more.

*4. I can have Social Security fax proof of income and can provide credit info via email as needed. Bank statements are also available. I’m totally blind, so do not correspond via print unless absolutely required.

*5. I prefer to fill out applications electronically (see above). If that is not possible, I can bring/send an electronic file via email with application info in it. I usually sign the application when I’m interviewed or when I provide my ID and social security card to be copied.

Any questions? *smile* I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

(insert name)
(insert phone #)
(insert email)

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