Exile and Pride

Eli Clare

Eli Clare

Friday, September 18, 2-3 pm PDT on KPFA

First published in 1999, the groundbreaking book, Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness and Liberation is essential to the history and future of disability politics. Eli Clare’s revelatory writing about his experiences as a white disabled genderqueer activist/writer established him as one of the leading writers on the intersections of queerness and disability and permanently changed the landscape of disability politics and queer liberation.  We interview Eli as the book is republished with a new introduction by Aurora Levins Morales.

Lonliness and Its OppositeWe also feature, Loneliness and Its Opposite, which documents how two countries generally imagined to be progressive engage with the private realm of desire and sexuality for people with disabilities in very different ways. Denmark and Sweden are both liberal welfare states, but they diverge dramatically in these issues. In Denmark, the erotic lives of people with disabilities are acknowledged and facilitated. In Sweden, they are denied and blocked.

We ask co-author Don Kulick, why these differences exist, and how do both facilitation and hindrance play out in practice?

This is a fund drive program with Josh Elwood, Sheela Gunn-Cushman and Adrienne Lauby hosting.  Adrienne Lauby produces the program.

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