Sample Letter: Update and Continued Interest



Please consider this email a written note of continued interest in (insert name of property). I hand-delivered (or mailed) my application on (insert date/time) (insert ID # if applicable).

Hint: *smile* I’m the blind lady who vociferously said “Send me NO PRINT!” (I hope my documentation of my ID number is correct.) I CANNOT read print reliably or independently, so ask again that you send me emails regarding this property. If you MUST send print due to antiquated laws which we advocates need to change, you may *rueful smile* waste the ink, paper and stamp, but *smile* I will always respond positively to a phone call or an email. I do not wish to miss correspondence by reason of the fact that they are in a form I cannot read.

(Add the following paragraph if applicable.)
The following changes have occurred since (insert date).

*1. My income is now (insert monthly amounts and total)

*2. I have a Sect. 8 voucher (insert details, voucher #, whether you are moving from another jurisdiction/porting and expiration date). I can provide more details if needed.

*3. The best contact number is (insert), a cell phone.

There are no changes in household type or composition. Please consider this a written document in light of the reasonable accommodation request stated above.

Please confirm receipt,
(insert name)

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