Extremely-Low Income Housing Search

Affordable housing is a human rightListen (30 min)

How to find housing –and survive the process.  Sheela offers Housing 101, a program that takes us through everything from mental attitude to directions for setting up application and documentation files. 

A half-hour of practical, specific and well-thought-out information for those who need extremely low income housing in the bay area of California.

MORE:  Ideas and Forms to Supplement the Radio Program

Sheela’s Affordable Housing Resource List, 2015

(Modify the templates and letters below to fit your individual situation)

The Information You’ll Need In Your Application File.

Questions About A Property

Questions About a Property (with Section 8 Voucher)

Follow up Letter to Unresponsive Project Manager

Autistic housingSample Cover Letter – Electronic Application

Sample Letter: Update and Continued Interest

Sheela’s Housing Saga  (Sheela Gunn-Cushman’s personal story of a successful housing search) (30 min)

Check back again:  More information posted soon.

Sheela Gunn-Cushman produced and hosts both this program and these materials.


(original air date: 10-16-15)

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