Laughter, Love, Learning & Lupus

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Arlene Moore

Arlene Moore

Today we speak with Arlene Moore who simply can’t be knocked down without getting up again.


Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, scoliosis, stroke…who cares? Arlene rises to the challenge and, with the love of her husband Gary, finds the strength of mind and character to live life to its fullest.


Arlene's Neck Basket

Arlene’s Neck Baskets

It’s the day before Halloween and we have a skeleton photo for you.

There’s a short movie of Arlene demonstrating her internal pulse generator (I.P.G.) at the end of this article.





Phillie's Favorite TeacherAnd the engraved crystal award Arlene got from starting pitcher Kyle Kendrick and the Philadelphia Phillies.  It reads “Phillies Favorite Teacher, Arlene Moore, presented by Kyle Kendrick,” and is signed by Kyle.


Fading Scars: My Queer Disability History

Corbett O'Toole. Photo by Karen Nakamura.

Corbett O’Toole. Photo by Karen Nakamura.

Nov. 11, 2015
4-6 pm
Ed Roberts Campus (above the Ashby Bart)

Autonomous Press author Corbett Joan OToole shares stories from her book.  Event is wheelchair accessible. Text copies of the reading available. For other access needs including ASL and CART, please email Emily <> BEFORE Nov. 2nd.


This week an NPR investigation revealed that since January 2009, the Army has “separated” 22 thousand soldiers with mental health problems or traumatic brain injuries for “misconduct” after they came back from Iraq and Afghanistan.  As a result, many of have not received retirement and health care benefits.

All this happened after members of Congress wanted to make sure the military was not putting people out that have service-related medical issues. Congress said the military has a responsibility to get Vets the care they need. And yet, 22 thousand disabled war veterans have been kicked out and denied benefits.  Read more here.


Arlene Moore demonstrating her internal pulse generator (I.P.G.).

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