Disability and Sports

Listen (29 min)

How  do sports effect you as a disabled person? Are you a player/doer? Spectator? Do sports and things about them encourage/discourage you? Do you feel that you can’t participate? Do you wish you  could? How do the images around sports reflect on ablism? Do you notice all the sports-related language in our culture?

Don’t give a damn? Is this all just a bunch of hooplah that means nothing?

We tackle how sports effect people with disabilities, and take call ins.  It’s a participatory sport. No losers possible.

Produced and Hosted by Sheela Gunn Cushman, Co-host Mark Romoser.  With essays by Doyle Saylor, Tangikina Moimoi, and “Bob.”  Audio narration by Adrienne Lauby.


Original air date: July 1, 2016

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