Non-Violent Direct Action Protest and Disability

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ADAPT is a dynamic direct action group that blocks streets, sits in at the offices of D.C. politicos, and raises hell about the rights of disabled people. They bring hundreds of people with disabilities to their national actions.

We talk with ADAPT organizer Bruce Darling about how they do it and how you can work with disabled people for your protests too. Disabled people and the disability rights movement have been protesting for a long time. We bring you the that history.  For a Timeline of some of the major events written by Mark Romoser, click here.

Bruce Darling is co-founder of the Center for Disability Rights Inc. During his career, he has dealt with a variety of disability issues. He also is a community organizer with ADAPT, a national grassroots community of disability rights activists, and has written a number of public policy analyses on disability rights issues.

ADAPT’s Spring Action will be in Washington, DC from May 13th to May 18th. E-mail Michael Heinrich at

Hosts: Mark Romoser and Adrienne Lauby

Original air date: 4-21-17

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