Cripping Capitalism – Cheryl Green

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Capitalism is about money.  Capitalism is about the 80% of disabled people who don’t have full time employment.  Capitalism is also about how we think.  Capitalism tells us it’s okay the majority of people in jails have learning disabilities, mental disabilities, brain injuries and physical disabilities.  Capitalism affects us in ways we don’t always see.

In this program disability activist Cheryl Green explains how capitalism has influenced the disability experience,  as well as that of other oppressed people.

Cheryl Green is the prime force behind StoryMinders, where she works as a film-maker, educator and advocate.   Green lives with a brain injury and focuses much of her work in that area.

Check out “Cripping Capitalism” on YouTube, where Green and her co-presenter, Caitlin Wood, cover the fascinating issues of disability, feminism, and the controversy of work.

Eddie Ytuarte hosts.

Original air date: May 5, 2017

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