2018 Federal Budget with Lindsay Baran

Listen (28 min)

Trump has something special in mind for poor people and the disability community as he moves into the Federal budget season with a tax reform agenda.  Cuts!  We’re not talking about paring knife slices you usually notice over time.  It’s bayonets, weed wackers, bulldozers and tanks — that kind of cuts. 

What cuts Trump can get from his right wing, but fractured, majority in the legislature is an open question.  But, we need to know what he plans for the disability community and who is making plans to stand up to him.

We talk to Lindsay Baran, policy analyst with the National Council on Independent Living in Washington, D.C., for the answers.

With thoughts about AC Transit, the Alameda County bus system, from Josh Elwood.

Produced and hosted by Mark Romoser and Sheela Gunn-Cushman.

Original air date: 9-1-17

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