Taking a Stand: Helga Spizman & Anita Cameron

Friday, September 22, 2-3 pm PST, KPFA radio

Police march down the boulevard chanting “Whose Street? Our Street,” and Oklahoma City police gun down Magdiel Sanchez, a developmentally disabled deaf man, despite neighbors who yell, “He can’t hear you.”   All this in a week when the Republican congress hopes to pass a health care bill that will radically restructure and deeply cut Medicaid, health care for poor and disabled people.

Afraid yet?  It’s time to take a stand for ourselves and for each other.

This week, we’ll be talking to two women with disabilities who have taken a stand:  Helga Spizman, a activist holocaust survivor, and Anita Cameron, an ADAPT organizer who is headed to Washington D.C. this weekend to protest the Cassidy-Graham health care bill.

Young Helga Spizman spent World War II look for hiding places as her father obsessed about his decision to move to England, which he expected the Nazis to overrun.  After the Trump election, she attended the Women’s March and pussy hats emerged from her knitting needles like flowers popping up in the spring.

Anita Cameron, whose blog is called “Musings of an Angry Black Woman”, has been arrested a heroic 129 times in the non-violent struggle for justice. An organizer for ADAPT, the disability movement’s civil disobedience arm, she’s been involved in social change activism and community organizing for 36 years.

We talk to these role model women about their fears, their history and their expectations for something better. And, we’ll talk to you about supporting Pushing Limits by becoming a member of KPFA.

Produced by Shelley Berman and Adrienne Lauby. Hosted by the Pushing Limits collective.

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