IHSS Changes- Stake Holder Meeting Oct. 12

Due to a new Federal requirement The CURES bill, California will soon monitor the coming and going of In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) recipients and our care providers with some form of a call-in system for monitoring and tracking when an IHSS recipient’s care provider arrives to clock in and out for work, verifies the presence of the IHSS recipient, verifies or tracks the location of the recipient, and demands to know the services (tasks) rendered or delivered to the IHSS recipient during the providers’ working hours.  

There will be a stakeholder meeting in Sacramento to help plan these changes.

Thursday, Oct. 12
10 a.m.-noon CDSS
744 P St.
Sacramento. OB 8, Room 235/237

If you plan to attend in person, please RSVP to jeffrey.berndt@dss.ca.gov
To attend by phone, contact: Kim Rutledge at Kim.Rutledge@dss.ca.gov

Those of us with disabilities who are IHSS recipients should look at these regulations and provide input and feedback as we will be impacted by this Big Brother regulatory oversight of our)lives. We can only presume that this paternalistic approach to monitoring the coming and going of our IHSS providers (and waiver providers) will result in an infringement of our freedom of mobility and how we will be forced to live our lives on a short leash or under some adverse system of tracking with calling in or out similar to a criminal wearing an ankle bracelet.

If the state fails to comply with these new regulations, the state will lose federal funding.

Thanks to Connie Arnold for this information.

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