s.e. smith on Disability

Friday, February 2, 2:30 pm PST on KPFA radio

Writer, agitator, and commentator s.e. smith* joins us for the half hour.   Based in Northern California, s.e. smith has a journalistic focus on social issues, particularly gender, prison reform, disability rights, environmental justice, queerness, class, and the intersections thereof, with a special interest in rural subjects.

s.e. smith has been published in The Guardian, Bitch Magazine, Aljazeera America, AlterNet, Yes! Magazine, Jezebel, Salon, the Sundance Channel blog, Longshot Magazine, Think Progress, xoJane, Truthout, Teen Vogue, Time, Nerve, VICE, The Week, In These Times, Vox, Bustle, the Daily Dot, Rolling Stone, Mic, Rewire and other outlets.

Eddie Ytuarte produced and hosts a discussion of s.e.’s recent writings on disability.

(*smith spells ou’s name in lower case letters; pronoun preference for s.e. is “ou.”)

Let’s Mail Our Remains to Paul Ryan When Trumpcare Kills Us …Griffin notes that, in this instance, cremains may act as protected speech, potentially creating some Constitutional issues— especially if the sender is placed on a government watch list.        s.e. smith, from a recent article in Vice

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