Disability in Film with Movie Critic Kristen Lopez ~ Part Two

Listen  (29 min)

Movie goers are often subjected to portrayals of people with disabilities that reinforce the many stereotypes about them. But film critic Kristen Lopez says some films are bucking this trend and sees hope on the horizon.  Hosts Alysa Chadow and Eddie Ytuarte trade stories of their favorite plots and portrayals with Kristen Lopez.

Kristen Lopez is a freelance pop culture essayist and critic based in Sacramento whose work has appeared at Film School Rejects, Remezcla and Paste. She also runs the classic film podcast Ticklish Business and the website Journeys in Classic Film. In her free time she enjoys classic movies, reading, and all things Oscar Isaac.

This is Part Two of our discussion with Kristen Lopez, hosted by Alysa Chadow and Eddie Ytuarte.  Part One was broadcast March 16 of this year.

Original Air Date: 6-1-18

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