Direct Action Disability Style with Stephanie Thomas of ADAPT

Friday, September 28, 2-3 pm PST, KPFA radio

If you’re finding a determination for resistance, a rage to protect vulnerable humans, or wishing for the joy of community strength; maybe it’s time for some direct action.

Stephanie Thomas, a long-time organizer with ADAPT, the disability movement’s direct
action arm, joins us to explain how ADAPT actions organize some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the U.S. to stand tall for our rights and our lives.

Remember the photos of disabled people being dragged out of wheelchairs by security
guards as they protested proposed cuts to Obama Care a year ago. That ADAPT action
put a terrifying attack on our health care back on the Congressional shelf.

Listen in for the skinny on it all.

And… because every protest needs a good tee shirt, we’ll be offering protest gear for
the winter season for those who support KPFA by becoming a new or continuing
member. Call 510 848-5732 or 800-439-5732 during the show.

Mark Romoser, Shelley Berman, Josh Elwood and Adrienne Lauby join Stephanie Thomas for stories of triumph and accessibility.

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