Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) with William Walker

Friday, November 2, at 2:30 pm PST on KPFA 

Accessibility, lower fares, affordable housing, safety, broken escalators, over-surveillance… it’s all on the table in the last days of a hot election race.

William Walker is a candidate for the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) board to represent San Francisco’s eighth district. We ask his opinion on BART’s current service to people with disabilities, as well as his plans to serve our community should he be elected.

Eddie Ytuarte and Sheela Gunn-Cushman host.

Walker spent four years as student of Urban Studies and Demography at UC Berkeley.  He served as student body president at City College of San Francisco where he fought for a reduced fare program for all City College students.  He also has extensive hands-on experience in public transit, having worked for SFMTA, 511 Bay Area, SamTrans and Los Angeles Metro/MTA.

Full disclosure: William Walker worked at KPFA as a volunteer, a staff member and a board of directors member between 2001-2006. During that time, he occasionally filled-in as a board operator for “Pushing Limits”.

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