SSI/SSP and CalFresh SSI/SSP and CalFresh

SSI/SSP Recipients will be eligible for CalFresh (Food Stamps) in Summer 2019*

In the summer of 2019, the “cash-out” policy that bans SSI recipients from receiving CalFresh (food stamps) will end.

*SSI and SSP benefits will NOT be reduced or eliminated as a result of ending cash-out.*

This change means that an SSI recipient may receive CalFresh and SSI/SSP benefits.

*Summary of changes when “Cash-Out” ends in summer 2019*

*Newly Eligible for CalFresh*

* Most SSI recipients, individuals and SSI couples, will be newly
eligible for CalFresh in summer 2019.
* One must apply over the phone, in person, or online.  If approved,
you will get an EBT card and the CalFresh benefit will be loaded
onto it each month.
* The average CalFresh benefit for a household of 1 is $130 a
month.  Benefits will vary based on household circumstances.

*Still Eligible for CalFresh and/or State Funded Nutrition Benefits*

* Some SSI recipients will be living in a household where other
members are already receiving CalFresh.  At their next reporting
deadline, these households will be asked to provide information
about any SSI recipients and then their CalFresh amount should
be automatically recalculated.
* For some households, adding the SSI recipient and their income may
*increase the CalFresh benefit.*
* For other households, adding the SSI recipient and their income will
lead to a *partial or total loss of their CalFresh benefit. * These
households will be eligible to receive a state-funded nutrition
benefit, *either the /Supplemental Nutrition Benefit /(partial loss)
or the /transitional Nutrition Benefit /(total loss), which will
help offset the loss of CalFresh.*

Get more information from the Californians for SSI coalition.

CRIL will send out updates on this change.  If you have questions, please
call Michael @ 510.881-5743_*

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