Braille and Talking Book Library

Friday, February 1, 2:30-3 pm PST on KPFA radio

“Half my life’s in books’ written pages. Live and learn from fools and from sages.” Aerosmith: Dream On

Are you a bookworm, but you can’t read two-dimensional ink-drawn pictographs on parchment (print)? Can’t hold a physical book and/or turn its pages? Need large print, Braille or audio?  Pushing Limits has an answer for you!

The Braille and Talking Book Library (BTBL) is a state-run free program for people with print disabilities. It’s part of a nation-wide network of such programs across the country.  Michael Marlin, BTBL’s director, joins us this week to explore the latest services and technologies for folks who can’t read “regular” print. Sheela Gunn-Cushman host/producer.

Get ready to get lost in a good book!

More Resources
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