On Being An Ally

March 15, 2:30 pm PST on KPFA radio.

We’re blowing up language, we’re blowing up humanity in talking about expansion of who we are. JOIN us!
Fresh! “Lev” White

Excerpts from the First Voice apprentice program’s Full Circle show on allyship. This show starts a conversation to re-imagine ourselves and our world…and teaches us A LOT! Jess Dene Schlesinger and Fresh! “Lev” White explore intersectionality and allyship with the LGBTQIA+ community and that of people with disabilities.

Also, news about the Gender Krip Planet event with Rapper AJ420, deaf poet Joy Elan, Lisa Ganser, Leroy F. Moore Jr. at LaPena Cultural Center in Berkeley, March 30 at 7 pm.

Sharon Peterson produced and hosted the original program. Our excerpts were edited by Sheela Gunn-Cushman and hosted by Shelley Berman. Adrienne Lauby also contributed to this program

Glossary of Terms

Cis gender: A person whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex.

Cis hetero: A person whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex AND they are attracted to people of the opposite sex.

Microaggressions: Brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioral, or environmental indignities, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative prejudicial slights and insults toward members of a marginalized group.

Ally: One who understands basic issues for a marginalized person or group and stands with them, especially when they are attacked or disparaged individually.

Accomplice: (as defined by our guests in this program) One who becomes an ally and also seeks to dismantle the systems that marginalize certain groups of people, one who tried to change institutional and governmental injustice toward a marginalized group that is not your own.

Trauma-Informed: A person-centered response focused on improving an individuals’ all around wellness rather than simply treating symptoms of mental illness or other difficult life experiences.

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