Transportation Justice Project – Vision Statement

Are you free to move about the Bay Area? Reliably? Conveniently? Accessibly? Affordably?

Does it bother you that people with cars can go anywhere they wish at any time, while you cannot? Do you have to walk a long way and wait a long time in inclement weather for the bus or train? Are you forced to ride for several hours in a Paratransit vehicle only to arrive at your destination too late for your appointment, or halfway through the concert?

Freedom of movement is a fundamental right guaranteed under the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, yet seniors, people with disabilities, and all other non-drivers are denied it.

We deserve far better!

The transportation justice movement is gaining momentum here and abroad. The East Bay Center for the Blind recently launched Transportation Justice Project, funded by a grant from the San Francisco Foundation, putting the focus on the needs of local seniors and people with disabilities.

We seek to close the gap between drivers and non-drivers by no less than a complete overhaul and integration of all modes of public transportation. We now have allies in the cause, including Urban Habitat, Transform, Seamless Bay Area, and LIFE ElderCare.

Let’s build a coalition! Join the transportation revolution now!

For more information contact:
Jenna Rubin
Outreach Coordinator

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