Call In: BLM Protests & Disability

Friday, June 19, 2:30-3 pm PDT on KPFA Radio

Poor People's Campaign March To The Capitol 2018. Photo by Stephen Melkisethian*  A large multi-racial crowd, hundreds of people, with a woman in colorful robe in a scooter and two other wheelchair users  at the front.  Among the many signs are some that read "Poor People's Campaign", "Disability plus Ableism equals Poverty", and "Systemic Racism is Immoral."
Poor People’s Campaign March To The Capitol 2018.        Photo by Stephen Melkisethian*

According to the Ruderman Foundation a third to a half of all people killed by police are disabled. In a period of continued actions by the Black Lives Matter movement against police violence and brutality, we turn to you, our listeners with disabilities.

Are you participating? Supporting?  Staying home but calling government officials? Helping activists communicate?  Fielding questions from your white friends?

Do the anti-police violence and disability movements intersect in your life? Do you have criticisms of the movement or feel hesitant about it for other reasons?  What are you doing?  What are you thinking? We want to hear from you.

We also want to know how the pandemic is affecting you.  Is the COVID-19 three month lock down really bugging you?  Are you creating positive activities out of a bad situation?  What are you managing to balance?

Call us at : (510) 848-4422

Eddie Ytuarte produced and hosts this program.

*photo license:

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