Mental Disabilities, Mary Lambert’s Music & More.

Mary Lambert, cover of her latest album “Grief Creature”

Listen (29 min)
In this program we play music from Mary Lambert, talk some about being disabled and finding yourself in a yet another crisis, and give a big shout out to those of us with mental disabilities.   We also open the phones for listener calls.

You might know Mary Lambert from her work with Macklemore on the song “Same Love” or, as I call it, “My Love She Keeps Me Warm” or from her hit song, “Secrets”.  Her latest album, Grief Creature, she says, centers around trauma and mental illness.  She’s courageous, fun and a wonderful singer!

Due to the copywritten music in this program, this archived version will only be available at KPFA for 14 days.

Hosted by Mollie McLeod & Adrienne Lauby

Production help from Shelley Berman, Sheela Gunn-Cushman, Rod Akil and Jose Gonzalez

Original Air Date: May 7, 2021

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