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Nick Feldman arrested in a 2009 protest with a sign
“Feel the Power of the Disability Vote.”.
Photo by Steve Rhodes, courtesy of Disability Rights California and UDWA

Weather’s getting colder.  November’s drawing near, and you know by your full mailbox the SPOOOOOOOKY season is here.

Today, the Pushing Limits crew sketches some state and local issues with a LEETLE Federal spice, and tell you which measures are naughty and which nice.

Keep reading for goodies to make you more wise, and inoculate you against tricks and any evil surprise.

Konstantine Anthony

Konstantine Anthony, Chair of the California Democratic Party’s Disabilities Caucus, is soon to be Mayor of Berbank and the first openly autistic mayor in the US.
He’ll walk us through state propositions of interest to people with disabilities.


Eddie Ytuarte will talk about local housing measures in Alameda County.

Sheela Gunn-Cushman hosts, and will tell you why you are seeing one Federal Senate seat TWICE on your ballot, and why you may not be in the district you thought you were in. (Yes, the lines HAVE moved!)

Mark Romoser and Josh Elwood contributed production help to this program.


Affordable Housing on East Bay Ballots

Recommendations from East Bay Housing Organizations Voter Guide has got you covered. ‌
Over on their YouTube channel, you can watch their Endorsed Ballot Measures Forum as well as candidate forums with candidates for Alameda County District 3 Supervisor and Oakland Mayor.
Check out their Elections Hub for voter information and information about how to get involved.

Say yes to affordable housing:
YES Berkeley Measure L
YES Berkeley Measure M
YES Berkeley Measure N
YES Oakland Measure Q
YES Oakland Measure U
YES Oakland Measure V

Oakland Ballot Measures

Measure Q – Article 34 Authorization.  Preapproves the construction or acquisition of 13,000 affordable homes.

Measure U – Infrastructure Bond. An $850M infrastructure bond which includes $350M for affordable housing.

Measure V – Just Cause Expansion.  Further extends eviction protections to residents of RVs, school aged children and teachers, and more.

Berkeley Ballot Measures

Measure L – Infrastructure Bond.  A $650 million dollar bond, which includes $200 million for affordable housing.

Measure M – Vacancy Tax. Taxes property owners who keep non-exempt homes vacant for more than six months in a year.

Measure N – Article 34 Authorization.  Preapproves the construction or acquisition of 3,000 low-rent homes.

How to Help

Commit just thirty minutes this month or ten hours a week.

1)  Table for Oakland’s Measure U.  Hosted by Safe Street Advocates at the Grand Lake Farmer’s Market on Saturdays and the Temescal Farmers Market on Sundays. Shifts are 9 AM–2 PM.  Sign Up to Table

2) Lawn Sign for Oakland Measure U.  Don’t have any time, but still want to help out? Email to have a free lawn sign for Measure U delivered to your doorstep.

3)   Canvass for Oakland Measures Q & V.  Hosted by Care 4 Community Action. Shifts are held at 10 AM on Saturdays and Sundays and 5:30 PM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Sign Up to Canvass

4)  Phone Bank for Berkeley Measure L.  Co-hosted by EBHO on Thursdays from 6-8 PM at Campaign HQ, 2026 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley.  Email Angelina at to sign up!

5)   Volunteer for Measure M.   The Measure M campaign is offering several ways to get involved including canvassing, voter outreach, and delivering yard signs.  Sign Up to Volunteer
Call & Text for Measure M  Every Wednesday Night for calls and texting at 2025 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley.  More Information.

Hear from the Candidates
Watch the Alameda County District 3 Forum

Watch the Oakland Mayoral Forum

What do your candidates say about affordable housing?  Click here to read what candidates for Alameda County District 3 Supervisor, Oakland Mayor, Oakland City Council, Berkeley City Council, San Leandro Mayor, and San Leandro City Council give as their positions on housing and homelessness.


Urban Habitat Voters Guide

This guide overlaps with some of the advice above, as you would imagine, but it covers other issues and races as well.  It even has a recommendation for Healdsburg voters way up in the North Bay.

How Pete’s Voting

Community Activist Pete Woiwode: “How Pete’s Voting”
Pete has opinions on a ton of local ballot measures and city council races and much, much more.   You may not agree with him on everything but his frank, concise voting guide is well worth some attention.

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