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Alliances between Senior and Disability Groups

Listen Ashton Applewhite We explore alliances between senior and disability communities.  From the outside, it seems both groups would be perfect partners in advocating for social change. Both groups are affected by challenges such as accessing accessible housing, healthcare, and … Continue reading

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Reproductive Rights & Disability, Part 2

Pushing Limits – November 18, 2022, PST 2:30 pm  at KPFA Emily DiMatteo Are there things about the connection between reproductive rights and the disability community that the reproductive rights movement has not yet latched on to? We interview Emily … Continue reading

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Robert Bouvard

Listen, Friday, November 11, 2:30 pm, KPFA Radio Is that old neighborhood guy a wheelchair-using amputee? Robert Bouvard, aka Robbie Ross   Or a man in an impeccably tailored formal gown with Oscar-caliber make-up and hair? Robert Bouvard is both. … Continue reading

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Disability & the U.S. Election

LISTEN HERE Lilian Aluri, American Association of People with Disabilities, Civic Engagement Coordinator The election is right around the corner. What role will people with disabilities play in the national contest, both as voters and as candidates? Pennsylvania Senate candidate … Continue reading

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