Building Solidarity Between the Disabled and the Left

The Good, The Bad, and The Inaccessible 

We talk with two advocates about their experience working in progressive movements where disability is not the primary focus.

Maya Chupkov has worked as an organizer on issues such as affordable housing and promoting democracy.  In the past, she has experienced challenges in getting other organizers to understand her stuttering disability.

Maya Chupkov is the producer and host of the podcast “Proud Stutter”

Dr. Rowan Fairgrove (1)

The Rev. Rowan Fairgrove, EP is involved with the Poor Peoples Campaign. This movement aims to unite low-income U.S. citizens to advocate for social and economic justice. Fairgrove talks about the challenges she faces as a wheelchair user at these campaign events and why it is important for alliance building between the progressive and disability communities.


SF-MOMA’s Raw Materials podcast is featuring Alice Wong and the Disability Visibility Podcast, including a recent interview with Wong about the partnership.


Accessible currency with different size notes, braille, large print denominations, and high color contrast have been implemented by over a hundred countries.  On March 10, the American Council for the Blind organized a rally outside the White House to demand accessible currency in the U.S. as the Treasury is redesigning the $20 bill to include a portrait of Harriet Tubman.


AXIS Dance Company the troupe with both disabled and non-disabled performers is hiring a Rehearsal Director and Apprentice Dancer. Both deadlines are March 26th. Their phone number is (510) 625-0110.


CRIPTonite: A Drag & Burlesque Variety Show

On Saturday, March 25, 5pm Pacific Daylight time is sold out in-person, but you may be able to watch it live streamed online at as we celebrate the intersectionality of queer and disabled identities!


Thanks to Kevin Gotkin for “Crip News”, his excellent weekly roundup of disability arts and politics.  You can subscribe to Crip News at   There is a free version.

Dr. Rowan Fairgrove (2)


Maya Chupkov

Produced by and Interviews by Jacob Lesner-Buxton.

Voicing by Mark Romoser.

Editing by Mark Romoser and Adrienne Lauby.

Website and social media for Proud Stutter:
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