Homeless Activist Lawyer, ‘Shaman Woman’

Listen (29 min)

Shaman Woman is an activist.  Shaman Woman is a person living with
diabetes.   Shaman Woman is a homeless person.   And, Shaman Woman
is a lawyer.

Although she herself has no home, this remarkable woman practices
civil rights law and defends homeless people in Santa Rosa, California. 
From driving the streets yelling, “¡Viva la revolución!” to taking
statements in the local parks, Shaman Woman organizes, agitates and
takes it to the court. 

She talks to Adrienne Lauby, her comrade in the local grassroots
group, Homeless Action!, about her childhood in the apricot cutting
barns, her years in the movement and her human failings.  Listen in
for her take on the role of the movement in both healing and social

Original air date: Feb. 15, 2019

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