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Disability and Media

Disability and the media – the good bad, and the cringe. Danielle Hollobaugh We air excerpts from a conversation about how Hollywood presents people with disabilities hosted by Santa Barbara’s Independent Living Resource Center Rapid Response Committee.   Then we talk … Continue reading

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Neil Marcus – In Memoriam

Neil Marcus leaning against a dark reflective background, on which we see his reflection. Courtesy of Neil Marcus and Gary Ivanek. Today we celebrate the life of actor and playwright, Neil Marcus who died last November.  Born with dystonia, a … Continue reading

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“Telethons” with Catherine Kudlick

Listen 59 min. It’s a fund drive period at KPFA and, true to our radical nature, we have fun AND ask ourselves hard questions about modern non-profit money raising. Catherine Kudlick, editor of Telethons, is with us for the hour.  … Continue reading

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Fundraising and Disability

Listen A hour-long fund drive episode in which we dissect the fascinating intersection of fundraising and disability with Catherine Kudlick, editor of “Telethons: Spectacle, Disability and the Business of Charity” by Paul Longmore. From Jerry Lewis to the cancer survivor … Continue reading

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Eli Clare, author of EXILE AND PRIDE

Friday, September 18, 2-3 pm PDT on KPFA First published in 1999, the groundbreaking book, Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness and Liberation is essential to the history and future of disability politics. Eli Clare’s revelatory writing about his experiences as … Continue reading

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It’s A Fools Game

Listen (29 min) This April Fools Friday, nothing’s off limits on Pushing Limits.  Sheela Gunn-Cushman hosts.  Shelley Berman puts Robin Williams and Eliahu Ha Navee in the same paragraph. And Josh Elwood hands nuggets of wisdom to some politicians in … Continue reading

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