Opening the Heart – Surgery

Alex and Ellen Rush

Friday, June 9, 2023. 2:30-3 pm, PDT KPFA. radio

Alex Rush, 81 years old, recently went under the knife and had his chest pried open.

Doctors call this open heart surgery.

Hearts are complicated and, when hearts are exposed to the Goddess and everybody, much can happen. One might be shaken to the core. One’s life partner might be turned upside down.  Yes, when everything is given over to fate, and mortality stares us in the face – what was buried may surface and what is on the surface may not be all there is to see.

Join us as we talk to elders Alex and Ellen Rush about their experience preparing and living through a major surgery.

Shelley Berman and Adrienne Lauby interview these long-time spouses about the inner life of an elder undergoing major surgery.

With gratitude to John Prine, they sing us a song too!

Produced and hosted by Shelley Berman.

(original air date: 6-9-23)

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