Disability and Media

Disability and the media – the good bad, and the cringe.

Danielle Hollobaugh

We air excerpts from a conversation about how Hollywood presents people with disabilities hosted by Santa Barbara’s Independent Living Resource Center Rapid Response Committee.   Then we talk to New York-based comic, Mike Cotayo and Florida-based actress singer-songwriter Danielle Hollobaugh about their experiences as disabled people in the industry.

Mike Cotayo

The horrors of inspiration porn.   Programs that do a decent job portraying people with disabilities.


Should non-disabled actors play a character with a disability?  Our panel was divided.  What’s your opinion?


What do we want in our entertainment and what is it like trying to provide realistic pictures of our community in our media-driven world?
All this and more on this week’s Pushing Limits.
Members of our Media Panel include Brittany Pudnos,
Marsha Cutting, Emily Bridges, Christine DiBella, Beck Levin, Michael Levinson, Joyful Jonie Gold, and Dennis Anello.
This program was produced by Jacob Lesner-Buxton who also did the recording and interviews.  Adrienne Lauby edited the audio and voiced the script.
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