We’re Here, We’re Proud, Together and Loud

Image of people using wheelchairs holding hands. Photo by Joy Taylor

More than 200 people with disabilities and their friends demanded to speak directly with Governor Schwarzenegger, Tuesday, July 7.

They blocked the front of his Sacramento office for more than six hours. Twelve protesters refused to leave the building at the end of the day. Each was arrested, cited and released.

I depend on my Aids.
(Unidentified protester)

The protesters were there to support In Home Support Services, full funding of Medi-Cal, and other state programs which enables people with disabilities to survive and thrive. They demanded that the Governor sign a budget with increased tax revenue.

“We are calling for a budget solution that is based upon shared responsibility and shared sacrifice — not a solution that falls squarely upon on the shoulders of children, people with disabilities, elders, the chronically ill, the unemployed and the impoverished,” they said in a written statement.

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