Letter From IHSS?

If you received a notice like this,
file an appeal today or tomorrow!

(See below for a
sample appeal l
etter. )

Send it to
State Hearings Division,
California Department of Social Services,
744 P Street, MS 19-97,
Sacramento, CA 95814-6413.

You can also request a hearing by calling
(800) 952-5253 or TDD: (800) 952-8349

You have the right to appeal regardless of what the notice says. If you cannot travel to the hearing office, you can request an in home hearing which is required by the judgment in the case of Tesluck vs. Swoap.

Keep a copy of the request for hearing you send.


Your Name ________________________________

Your Address_______________________________


Your Phone Number _________________________

Date ______________________


State Hearing Division

California Department of Social services

744 “P” Street, MS 19-97

Sacramento, CA 95814-6413

Regarding: Request for Hearing

Case No.: ____________________

Dear People,

I am appealing the 9/16/09 IHSS notice form that I received AID PAID PENDING. The notice is not understandable. I do not know if the notice applies to me because there is no particularized information. The notice says I do not have a right to a hearing. But that is not correct. I do have a right to a hearing, if the notice does not explain what action is being taken and how it applies to me. I am requesting that my IHSS aid be continued at the same level until my hearing, even if I requested this hearing after 10/1/09. This notice does not comply with the federal or state regulations and therefore my aid must continue.

Yes__ No___ I need a home hearing because I cannot get to the hearing office for my hearing. A home hearing is required for all those who cannot make it to the downtown (or to the county location in other counties) hearing office as per the class action Judgment of Tesluck v. Swoap.


Your Name

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